TERM 1 – 2014

Next term there will be lessons on Mondays through to Saturdays. It will be a 10 week term but because of various holidays Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday riders will have an extra day on which to do catch-ups or make a one-off payment for another lesson, while riders on Thursday, Friday and Saturday will just have a 10 week term.

For weekday riders, (starting 2 February 2014)  the cost per lesson will be $55, or if paid in advance for the term $495 for 10 weeks. Weekday lessons are 90 minutes long and include 50 minutes of riding time.

For Saturday riders (starting 8 February 2014) the cost will be $60 per lesson or $540 if paid in advance. Saturday lessons are 120 minutes long and include 60 minutes of riding time.

To confirm the day for your child’s/children’s lessons please either email us or phone Stella on 577-1709.

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